Escape Games in London’s Tallest Riverside Venue

After spending the past year travelling the world and playing some of the very best games across America and Europe, our Games Master’s have come up with an unbelievable game, unlike anything else in London!

Our puzzle and logic based escape game takes place in a custom built room with a unique theme. Whether you are an escape game enthusiast or looking to play for the very first time, Escape Games London challenge you to beat the clock and escape to victory.

In a team, you must work out how to escape the room by solving clues and playing puzzles. Our games are exciting adventures,
designed to immerse yourself into the experience. We are the only Escape Games company on the banks of the
River Thames.

Escape Games London…Experience entertainment from a new height!


Who are our games for?


Looking for something fun that will entertain the whole family? Our Escape Games are the perfect way to experience something amazing with your family and friends.


What better way to enjoy your trip to the Capital than to experience Escape Games London. This unique form of entertainment will appeal much more than the usual bus tour.


Tired of organising the same old corporate events? Escape Games London provide unique surroundings, great for engaging your team and motivating staff.


Looking for a challenging yet fun activity to play with your mates? Play one or more of our games and then hit the onsite bar afterwards to celebrate!


Bored of dull and conventional team building activities? Try one of our Escape Games to provide your staff with challenging scenarios great for team building.


Celebrating a special occasion? Experience one of our Escape Games to make your special day even more fun! We think our games are perfect for Birthday’s, Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s.


This could be the greatest idea ever! Don’t even consider the usual bowling or cinema date, try one our Escape Games to guarantee the best date ever! We expect an invite to the wedding!!


Celebrating your stag or hen-do in London? We think that’s a great idea as London is one of the world’s finest cities. For a truly memorable experience, play one of our Escape Games!